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Let me know what you think of my playing! Am I doing well? Does something seem off? Am I misunderstanding parts of his personality or mental processing that you think are important? Am I projecting rather than playing? Please be as frank as you want. I welcome any criticism or guidance.

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One-on-one meetings, conversations, backtagging, log overflow, and any other encounters that we might need to work out outside of regular logs or journal entries can be placed here.


1)Date the thread takes place
2)[Voice], [Written], or [Action]

If we're backtagging/moving from another location, please link back to the previous thread!
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[Once the journal opens, this entry starts out pretty casual. The animals have been walked and fed and cleaned up, and this particular blond is now plopping down onto his bed, pulling off his gloves as he starts up his first question.]

Good morning, everyone. If anyone out there has got an itch for some hard work, let me know. I'm looking for a helper or two for a construction project. Nothing too big, don't worry.

Just ask for Guy over at House One if you're interested.

[One would think the entry would end there, but it doesn't. He grunts a little as he kicks off his boots, letting the pause sit for a moment.]

So, I'm still seeing a little bit of talk about what happened last month. Valentine's Day, right? I'm sure some people would rather forget. Or maybe it was actually a nice change of pace - who knows. Whatever the case, it's still always a big surprise to get caught in a change like that.

It got me thinking. Whether it went well or not, a lot of people have just moved on. Some have accepted it, some just choose to ignore. It's a Shift. Shifts happen in Luceti.

Like rain. Or New Feathers. Being manipulated for a day or two is a constant.


[He lets that hang for a long moment, his tone not quite so casual anymore. He's questioning, a quiet undercurrent of disbelief.]

So, Luceti. Is it alright to just accept Shifts as a part of life?
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[It's just his luck that an extremely long mission would end just as chaos was happening in the village. Great.

Guy can be found bumping through the streets, tired and beaten and in need of a haircut, attempting to get back to House One, though the crowds are making it difficult. He's inching his way past people and holding back unattractively loud screeches whenever he brushes shoulders with a girl.

Of course, he'll stop and help if you have any questions. Or if you barrel into him. Or if you're a carrot top. Really, the red hair just makes him curious.]
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He's dead, Jim. )

[Even with the sun already set, this author doesn't intend to be seen at all. The camera is intentionally covered as the text slowly appears on the journal's page.

First comes a foreign script, written hastily in a language that the writer knows only a handful of people will be able to understand. Whether they respond is a different matter.]

For Abyss Cast )
[Underneath it, another message, this time in the more common tongue. Might as well play dumb until he knows exactly what's going here. His mind is a little too muddled to try anything else, anyway.]

I guess we'll start with some basic questions -

Is anyone else here?

What year is it?

What direction is civilization from the river?

And what should someone be expecting to see in the woods this late at night? Can't really say I'm in the mood to get pounced on.

((ooc: For Abyss Cast's convenience: Anyone from Auldrant: Age, rank, background, really just your name will do. Respond if you can.))


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